Anderson's Video for Afro Cuban Fiesta

Anderson was born in London, England but his ethnicity flows from the beautiful island of Antigua and Panama. His love for music and dance was evident as a child which he attributed to his mother being a dancer in her youth in Curacao and Panama.

Whilst at school he majored in music and formed a band playing bass guitar and soon learned drums and keyboards. He and his band took their talent to the prestigious Ronnie Scotts Club where they were discovered , securing 3 major recording contract deals with Island Records, EMI and Street Wave Records, recording 2 albums with Courtney Pine (a personal friend) and many singles which gave them great success in England, Europe and Scandinavia. His success was such that he performed on leading TV music shows like TOPS, Jules Holland, The Tube, Black Current and others. He has been reported extensively in major music papers and magazines such and Melody Maker and Blues & Soul.

Anderson  has the ability to communicate fluently, accurately, concisely and excitingly and proactively demonstrates routines and solutions which significantly transform students’ dancing performance. Anderson's philosophy to life and dance is: to think of the best; work for the best and to expect only the best!  He is enthusiastic about the success of other as he is about his own.  He believes that he is here to pass on the experience and knowledge of those who have gone before him from Cuba, together with his own innovation, that others may take and progress a little further.