DJ Green Papi

Ernesto Jesus Green Rutan A.K.A DJ Green Papi (ORIENTE STAR SOUND) was born in Guantanamo—the Eastern part of Cuba known as Oriente “La tierra caliente” .
The Cuban oriente is the cultural root that gave life to his unique artistic style, and inspired his DJ/ audio production label Oriente Star Sound. His journey as a DJ started when he was 12 years old and got hooked up on radio FM listening to urban music shows, and exchanging cassette tapes with his peers—to perform as an urban dancer in Cuban events/ parties all throughout secondary school and his electrical-engineering university years.
Since his arrival in London in 1995, he has been soaking the city's multicultural scene and his deejaying has come to prominence with an eclectic selection of mainstream danceable beats, seasoned with the heady essence of his Cuban/ Caribbean roots.
DJ Green Papi is a mature DJ with over 20 years of experience. Responsible for over 25 Cuban/ Latin DJ-mixes among others—which feature on Mixcloud (online music platform for DJs worldwide) Weekly Update newsletter, with some of them reaching up to 24th and 19th place in its Latin Chart. Listen to Green Papi Salsa Rueda Festivals Mix
Since 2007, Green has been editing the audio/ or music for the performance and choreography sets of numerous well-known Cuban/ Latin/ and UK dancers. He has participated in numerous Latin events across the UK, and is also a busy club-DJ in the hip-hop, r&b, and mainstream musical field. He performed, produced and released (online) his second EP “El Elemento” in 2013, an original collaboration with UK and Cuban/ Latin musicians showcasing a contagious music style he has created and named bashylongo, influenced by Cuban timba, hip hop and dembow.
His passion for music inspired him to graduate from the University of East London in 2017 with BSc (Honours) in Music Technology, and he is currently attending a master MA Audio Production degree at University of Westminster.
Green Papi is a versatile music producer/ vocalist and composer who is working on upcoming music projects in the acoustic/ digital field. His dancing background makes him an authentic party-DJ: “ My purpose is to take the crowd on an unforgettable musical journey, and a satisfying danceable experience whilst sharing my artistic direction”. To get in touch email