Moe Flex

Moe joined the dance circuit in 1998 and immediately excelled to build a reputation that put him on the stage with huge celebrities from the music world as one of the lead choreographers for the MOBO awards.

Whilst in a dance crew that were ranked in the top ten in the world Moe ventures further a field to find his feet as a professional dancer in other styles of dance.
With an in depth study of the art of sound and movement Moe created a unique teaching technique that is now used all over the world for dancers of many styles.

In 2005, paired with a wonderfully gifted dance partner, Angelique Sinclair, Moe's career in the Latin scene continued to soar and their achievements recognised across the globe.
Later Moe was joined by Tania Toncheva to tour many countries around the world as well as a very successful solo career.

As well as a renowned teacher, performer and DJ, Moe took to the stage as a presenter and entertainer to round off any event and made the package complete.

Now performing with a spectacular dance company OtraDanz to combine the fusion of the many styles and skills between this very versatile group.
Most popular teacher award 2006-2012
Most popular show award 2006
Special recognition award 2010
Performers of the year award 2012
Most popular dance performers award 2013