Alexander & Veronica

Veronica & Alexander

Casita de la Salsa

Alexander Febles is a professional Cuban musician and dancer. Since the age of 16, he has been touring with orchestras through Europe growing and learning. He has had the privilege to work as percussionist with great bands such as Grupo Extra, Cubashe, Tokame, Tony Martinez, among others.

Alongside music, Alexander has developed his professional skills as a dancer. He has collaborated with great Cuban dancers which has allowed him to learn, expand, and strengthen his knowledge about Afro-Cuban traditional and popular dances.  

He regularly participates as a dancer/musician at numerous Afro Latin and Salsa Congresses such as  St. Gallen, the Kunsthaus Zurich, the Zha Zha Musical in Berlin, and the annual AfroCuban Pati's festivals in the UK. When Alexander dances and teaches, he creatively combines his dance and musical skills taking the audience to an interesting universe of his own.

Veronica Luce is a professional Italian dance-teacher and performer. Since a young age, she has developed a strong passion for Cuban salsa. She's studied the Cuban

traditional music genres and the roots of Afro-Cuban music. In Cuba, she has refined her skills at Cubadanza's workshops and has collaborated with Cuban dancers as a co-producer and organiser of dance projects.

Veronica teaches dance at Zurich's Salsón School, Salsa House in Uster, and has performed at various Afro-Latin and Cuban events. Since 2018, she has worked as a dance teacher and performed alongside Alexander Febles Cachacha at Afro Cuban Pati's festivals celebrated across the UK.

When she teaches and performs, she integrates her experiences and conveying her emotions to the audience through movement and projection.